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The book ends with an intimation that Charlotte may die of a broken heart. Charlotte's grief Charlotte's life was despaired of. Werther was one of Goethe's few works aligned with the aesthetic, social and philosophical ideals that pervaded the German proto- Romantic movement known as Sturm und Drang , before he and Friedrich von Schiller moved into Weimar Classicism. The novel was published anonymously, and Goethe distanced himself from it in his later years, [2] regretting the fame it had brought him and the consequent attention to his own youthful love of Charlotte Buff , then already engaged to Johann Christian Kestner.

He wrote Werther at the age of twenty-four, and yet this was all that some of his visitors in his old age knew him for. He even denounced the Romantic movement as "everything that is sick. Goethe described the powerful impact the book had on him, writing that even if Werther had been a brother of his whom he had killed, he could not have been more haunted by his vengeful ghost.

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Yet, Goethe substantially reworked the book for the edition [2] and acknowledged the great personal and emotional influence that The Sorrows of Young Werther could exert on forlorn young lovers who discovered it. As he commented to his secretary in , "It must be bad, if not everybody was to have a time in his life, when he felt as though Werther had been written exclusively for him.

The Sorrows of Young Werther turned Goethe, previously an unknown author, into a literary celebrity almost overnight. Napoleon Bonaparte considered it one of the great works of European literature, having written a Goethe-inspired soliloquy in his youth and carried Werther with him on his campaigning to Egypt.

It also started the phenomenon known as the "Werther Fever", which caused young men throughout Europe to dress in the clothing style described for Werther in the novel. The book reputedly also led to some of the first known examples of copycat suicide. The men were often dressed in the same clothing "as Goethe's description of Werther and using similar pistols. One of these, Friedrich Nicolai , decided to create a satirical piece with a happy ending, entitled Die Freuden des jungen Werthers " The Joys of Young Werther " , in which Albert, having realized what Werther is up to, loaded chicken's blood into the pistol, thereby foiling Werther's suicide, and happily concedes Charlotte to him.

After some initial difficulties, Werther sheds his passionate youthful side and reintegrates himself into society as a respectable citizen. Goethe, however, was not pleased with the Freuden and started a literary war with Nicolai that lasted all his life, writing a poem titled "Nicolai auf Werthers Grabe" "Nicolai on Werther's grave" , in which Nicolai here a passing nameless pedestrian defecates on Werther's grave, [12] so desecrating the memory of a Werther from which Goethe had distanced himself in the meantime, as he had from the Sturm und Drang.

This argument was continued in his collection of short and critical poems, the Xenien , and his play Faust.

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