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And the adventure continues in two more books. Check out the adaptation starring Nicole Kidman as Mrs. Coulter, which follows the plot of the first book in the series. The reluctant hobbit goes on a thrilling journey to confront the dragon Smaug, and in the process encounters hungry trolls, killer spiders, and an ancient magical ring.

Readers may recognize some of the characters from The Lord of the Rings trilogy in this prequel, which is a more approachable read for tweens. Try the live-action trilogy inspired by the book, beginning with The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey from Find The Hobbit at your local library. Classic fantasy story for kids. Parents need to know that the plot and writing, although superior, are somewhat dated, and the art is small and simplistic. Contains bits of British culture and Christian allegory.

  • The Dark Hand of Magic (The Sun Wolf and Starhawk Series Book 3);
  • Joséphine limpératrice créole: Lesclavage aux Antilles et la traite pendant la Révolution française (Roman historique) (French Edition).
  • My Shopping Bag;

Find The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe at your local library. Willie Morris is 9 years old when he meets his best friend — a spunky fox terrier puppy named Skip. This is the true story of an intense bond formed between a boy and his dog as they grow up together in rural Mississippi in the s.

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More a series of vignettes than a full novel, this short read is a good introduction to memoir for tween readers. Check out the adaptation, which adds a lot of details to flesh out the plot. Find My Dog Skip at your local library. Ten-year-old Ken McLaughlin is a daydreamer. When he finally gets his chance, the bond that develops between Ken and the fiery mustang, Flicka, is intense and life changing. Fans of classic movies might enjoy the version, which closely follows the book, but readers looking for a modern remake should check out the film Flicka , which reimagines the story with a girl protagonist.

Find My Friend Flicka at your local library. Shy, bookish Bastian Bux is ignored by his father and picked on by other kids. One day he ducks into an antique bookstore to escape bullies and impulsively picks up a copy of The Neverending Story. Bastian starts reading about the young warrior Atreyu and the plight of the Childlike Empress and soon finds himself not just immersed, but literally pulled into the action of the story. His character and his own story change as a result. Find The Neverending Story at your local library. But when his best friend, Johnny, accidentally kills one of the Socs gang, year old Ponyboy must confront the violent reality of his life and make choices that will determine his future.

Check out the adaptation directed by Francis Ford Coppola, though parents should note that the movie features violence and underage drinking. Find The Outsiders at your local library. Jim shows the map to the local squire, and the two, along with the town doctor, decide to outfit a ship and go in search of the treasure. Compelling characters and lots of suspense help kids tackle this classic book, which is a great vocabulary builder. There are lots of adaptations. Readers looking for a classic take might enjoy the Disney version, but those looking for something silly might like Muppet Treasure Island or the animated Treasure Planet , which sets the story in space.

Find Treasure Island at your local library. Joey, a beautiful foal with distinctive markings on his nose, and Albert, the boy who raised him on an English farm, share a special bond. Kids who love animals will connect with Joey, whose story offers an unusual perspective on the impact of war. Check out the Steven Spielberg adaptation from starring Benedict Cumberbatch, though parents should note this PG film has some intense violence.

Find War Horse at your local library. When the rabbit Fiver has a terrible premonition about his warren, he and his brother Hazel gather a group of young rabbits to seek a new home in the English countryside. But before they can settle in, they discover that their search is not over. Well-developed characters and engaging details make this a great introduction to allegory for young readers. Check out the animated adaptation, which will appeal to older kids and adults alike.

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Find Watership Down at your local library. Frank Baum , illustrated by: W. Denslow - George M.

Hill Company, 76 pages. A cyclone sweeps Dorothy away from her ordinary life in Kansas, along with her house and her dog Toto. When she crash-lands in Oz, Dorothy discovers that her house has unintentionally taken out the Wicked Witch of the East, freeing the Munchkins from her reign. Find The Wonderful Wizard of Oz at your local library. White Fang, half wolf and half dog, is mistreated by a string of cruel owners. Through gentle treatment and patience, Scott eventually tames the wild wolf-dog, and the two form an unbreakable bond.

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Check out the adaptation starring Ethan Hawke, which loosely follows the plot of the book. Find White Fang at your local library. We loved getting dressed up! As we all grew up my sister spent her honeymoon at Sea Island and I brought my kids. When we found out our Mom had cancer we knew we needed to bring her to SI one last time. We spent her last Thanksgiving together at Sea Island and none of us will ever forget what a special time it was.

Thank you for the memories! We came back for our 4th A Last year was our 25 th Anniversary for our family. We will be there in August for year 26! Lucy Britt worked on Jr Staff during college! My in laws may be making their final trip this year- they are 89 and 90! Our family has cherished every year! Just booked their flights today! It was the first place that call I was thrilled!

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My favorite memory of that magical trip was walking along the beach, holding hands, and drinking champagne, after having an incredible dinner. The sun was beginning to set. It was that beautiful pink golden light. The beach was gorgeous. It was so simple and romantic, and perfect! I will never forget feeling so loved and special at that moment.

It was like something out of a movie! This past year, we planned a trip to Sea Island to both remember my wonderful mother and her love of the bagpipers at the Lodge, the walks on the beach, and meals at the Cloister and coupled all of that with announcing to our family and close friends that we were expecting a little girl who was just born this April! A yearly tradition.

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My memories from the My memories from the old dining room, the three nine hole golf courses, the lunch and seafood buffet at the beach club, the bingo nights as a kid and the Cloister camps. The third generation of our family to be able to enjoy all the amazing things that Sea island offers. All of these memories that I clearly remember from when I was a little kid is what make it so special. Memories that my kids will now make. We were just two broke college students when we wed in May of Hoping for many more years together and hopefully more sweet anniversary evenings at Sea Island. One of our fondest memories de One of our fondest memories definitely epitomizes what makes Sea Island so extraordinary-the service!

After great family nights playing bingo, watching the bagpiper, and trips to the candy shop, we had a fun date night planned at the Georgian Room and the kids were excited to go to the kids night at the Beach Club. After a fabulous dinner the sommelier took us for a tour of the wine cellar-amazing. As we were ordering dessert we realized it was close to time for kids night pickup. Our amazing waiter had the Beach Club staff bring the kids to the Georgian Room. The Georgian Room staff gave them chef hats and aprons and had them bake cookies-fun and magical for all of us!

On the 3rd night, we donned our On the 3rd night, we donned our recent rehearsal dinner best and went to the Beach Club for drinks on the patio before the Al Fresco dinner dance. After we were seated, a photographer came to our table and said "You are dressed perfectly for black and white photos.