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After all, Jeannot Szwarc also made Supergirl and Joe Alves made no other films, so at least this guy has at least one gem under his belt. Now, Caine was taking the money and running with it through plenty of the eighties, despite the odd film like Hannah and Her Sisters , Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Mona Lisa.

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Sean got off quite lightly in the first film, happily singing about the Muffin Man on the beach whilst elder brother Michael nearly got killed. The fourth film however, decides once and for all what to do with him. I think the jocks did this in Heathers. However, we know that Jaws IV has set all of this up — the flotsam, the cow tipping decoy — so that he can get to Sean. For the shark. For Sean. For Ellen. For Michael. At least David Fincher had the restraint to not show Hicks and Newt being killed at the start of Alien 3.

Oh, the irony! The juxtaposition of goodwill and evil death! When Michael and family show up, the film starts to enter very strange territory. Potentially amazing territory, too. This is a newbie, but Ellen think it still operates under the same collective mind that caused all the shit before, as though sharks are the Borg or something. Michael has a beard, and this makes the erstwhile youthful-looking Lance Guest look so much older, even though The Last Starfighter was only a few years earlier.

His daughter, Thea, is just as annoying as she sounded on the phone, and his wife is pleasant enough not to be too memorable. They take the ferry more water! I mean, watching happy families being happy is annoying, with their own little things and quirks and ticks and whatnot. Well, maybe it came loose during all that killing. Michael Caine. Here goes:.

However, I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific. Now that is just amazing. However, much of what follows is so much doodling about. So here we go. Hoagie has gambling debts. Hoagie shows the kid how to fly a plane. The cabbies in the Bahamas sing to you over the intercom. Ellen has a dream about being attacked by a shark. Oh wait no, THE shark. Michael does some underwater exploration, soundtracked by a wisecracking Mario Van Peebles, the token best friend. Michael and Jake argue about something do with with fish.

I mean really, how dare he? Then we get to spend Christmas with the Brodys and the er…Jakes. Ellen wants her son to drop his marine biology, because of THE shark. The next bit is quite a shocker, in that after a quick establishing shot underwater, we see THE shark in all its glory, right there! Even Jaws III knew how to reveal its monster with a little bit of rudimentary technique. Was a place by the sea really the best place to get away from it all?

I know that you should confront your fears, but this is way too much, too soon. Oh, and what was with that shot of the shark at the start of this bit?

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Hoagie shows up, Michael Caine counts the dollars during the process, we cut to Jake and Michael talking and talking, and I realise nothing of note has happened for quite some time. It looks quite cute there, just nestling up to the side of the sub. It happened at nite around 1. Please look into this. Finally he took them and did the payment and immediately I recieved a phone massage from my bank that the amount has been charged off my account.

I asked the driver for my card, but he continued doing something with my it and about one minute later the same amount was charged off again for the second time. I asked him to return the card back, but he said that the payment has not been done yet and he was trying to continue stealing money from me. I had no choice but to pull the card out of the payment machine by myself.

I asked him to stop and drop me off, but he continued moving farther away from my place. After a desperate attempt to make him to stop, I had to get out of the car while it was still in motion. Please investigate this case and I hope to get the double payment back. The taxi driver can reply to my Gf say coz he not yet start work n need to double charge the taxi money! It this is your taxi company service the passenger?! This is can let me call police station to report n catch! The meter showing that the total journey was nearly 50km.

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How ridiculous pls investigate. I would like to lodge a complain against this particular driver which I ride on his cab on 1st August Basically there were two trips from Dickson Road to Hougang then to Yishun.

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From my opinion he mixed up with his own money and so I asked him to double check it. Out of sudden , he raised his voice on me and made it as if I was the one who cheated on him about the cab fare money. He did not even bother to clarify things with me instead he was being so defensive about it. Therefore, I asked to pay by nets instead. It is not about the money I am rambling about. It is about being honest with your job. If he knows that he was mistaken of counting it or some sort, he should have double check it and say sorry but he did not.

PLease take note of this thank you. Today 25 July About 5. But the driver asked her to take another cab.. Is this the right way to treat your passenger , Mr Yap Kim Hoe.

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  8. At about 9 pm on July 23, my family and I were eating dinner at the east coast sea food center. I believe the taxi number is SHBB. Please contact me if you find my phone. I lost my phone on 23 July , 6. The taxi last few number is U in blue colour. The journey is from little india to punggol central. The driver was an old uncle in blue white colth. If you see this, please call I flagged down this cab , my 6 year old child already boarded the cab and my wife halfway boarding….

    It was really a bad experience and I told him this is not correct but he care least. Please look into this and take appropriate actions. It should be a comfort taxi. Driver point middle finger as my car is turning right to woodlands dr 40 from woodlands ave 4. Reason is traffic light is turning red and my car is slowing down so as to turn. But taxi is going straight and he drove like F1. He was force to stop for red lights and hence the middle finger.

    Please take action against this road tyrant. Comfort taxi t. Booked this taxi in advance.

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    He pulled up, looked at me and then proceeded to reverse down the road. He put on my booking I was a no-show. Complained to the company, but this was truly awful, to see a customer and then purposely drive away! LTA please investigate. Taxi drivers at Taxi Stand at woodland checkpoint refuse to take passengers if their destination is at woodland area.

    I want complain taxi company city cab yellow colour.. Shbk limo white Rude chinese guy pm, tuesday 7 july We were at bendemeer rd hailing for a cab.

    Aussie taxi driver

    Alot of cab with green light but refuse to take us! I alrdy told him im gonna late.