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This article delves into the details that might explain this apparent paradox. It contains great insights on Harari himself reads in min. Knowledge is the starting point. Curiosity is key reads in min. First, the effect on international capital markets could be vastly greater than Chinese capital market linkages would suggest, simply because foreign firms enjoy huge profits on sales in China.

Second, a Chinese slowdown spreading across Asia could paradoxically lead to higher interest rates elsewhere, particularly if a second Asian financial crisis leads to a sharp draw-down of central bank reserves reads in min. An excellent night for Democrats in the House.

The famous historian argues that Britain's just one corner of a European crisis, but is this just one more crisis in the EU, or is it a crisis of the whole European project? However, there is a bedrock of public support on which to build a new reform agenda reads in min. They wanted to be arrested because their real goal was to create a legal precedent that would put a powerful new tool in the hands of eco-warriors. This is a portent of much more to come reads in min.


Age-integration, not segregation, is the natural antidote to problematic ageing, and retirement communities small or large are the precise opposite of what favors wellbeing in the old age. Our take-away for investors: nursing homes mixed with student dorms and many other such initiatives and ideas will progressively become the norm reads in min. The vast and growing consumption of food and resources by the global population is destroying the web of life upon which human society ultimately depends for clean air, water and everything else.

The take-away: all things related to land and ocean conservation worldwide will rise reads in min. This article describes the lengths we go to feed our pets as if they were humans. High-end pet food is edging ever closer to human food, and the overlaps between the two categories can be uncanny, with profound implications in terms of their environmental and social impacts reads in min. This is a booming business despite the obvious fact that there are no studies to suggest that breathing clean air from a can in short bursts has health benefits.

Alex Honnold is the most accomplished free solo climber in the history of mountaineering. This article reminds us why free soloing is so appealing: not because it brings death so much nearer, but because it makes life so much more vivid and significant reads in 5 min. It is not yet clear which will prevail or whether in fact only the G2 US-China really matters reads in min.

Against this backdrop, the former Prime Minister of Australia a much renowned expert on China formulates ten questions designed to help US strategists think through some of the operational implications of what this entails. A must-read to anticipate and deal with potential, unintended consequences like moving from strategic competition to decoupling, confrontation, containment, and, perhaps, armed conflict reads in min. MBS appears to be aware of the dangers ahead, and seems to be gaming his political rehabilitation, both at home and in the eyes of the outside world.

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There are at least four potential scenarios for how all this will play out for MBS which this article reviews in quite some details min. But new research led by the Cleveland Clinic concludes that any level of cardiovascular fitness is linked to staying alive longer. Exercise is a clear exception to the principle that too much of a good thing can be bad for us! Utilitarianism, in particular, has a lot to say about how other sentient beings should be treated and how resources ought to be distributed among them reads in min. He, too, was so loved, and I was completely shaken to the core at his loss.

I wanted to look at the things we tell other people, and the things we hide; how we can never truly know people — even in this world of social media communication, where we feel like we know everything. Do Tiger and Wally relate to anyone in your life? Wally is definitely my friend who died. He used to quote poetry to me, and it was a complete shock, coming out of the mouth of a sporty, popular boy!

She is stronger and more willing to take risks and be adventurous. Her friends are also my friends, in real life. It is that absence of being able to envisage that you will ever be cheerful again. The absence of hope. That very deadened feeling, which is so very different from feeling sad. Sad hurts but it's a healthy feeling. It is a necessary thing to feel. Depression is very different. Suicide is the final stage in what is often a terminal illness. It is what happens when all hope is gone.

Wally, in this book, has lost all hope, and all belief that there is a next stage to his life; a future; a way forward. He has love and support and friends, and success, academically and on the sports field. We are taught that, if we are loved and successful, we have no reason to feel depressed.

Family support, hobbies, meditation, a strong social life — all of these can help — but depression can only be treated in the same way any disease is treated: through medical intervention.

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In the book, Wally never gets the chance to get better; to feel better. But I wanted to show that there is hope.

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When we talk, when we reach out, when we seek help, it can and does get better. I really wanted this to be a hopeful story and show that you can and will be happy again. You will live, again, and it will be a beautiful thing. Music plays a huge role in how each of the characters relate. Is music important to you? Music is deeply, deeply important to me — and not just Josh Ritter. It has always been my escape and my comfort. Music was so crucial, in my upbringing.

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My dad is a huge music fan, and he passed that on to me. I remember, vividly, dancing around the house with him, trying to cheer up, after a heartbreak. I honestly think that books and music have the ability to change our emotions, in a way that people search for with drugs and alcohol. I can go from devastated to giddy with happiness in moments, if you play me the right song usually Josh Ritter. I think the answer is that people are afraid.

And so, we sweep the issue under the carpet, believing this will help to prevent more deaths. Clearly, that approach is not working. Mental health disorders should be treated with the same approach we use for all illnesses. Why are we so squeamish about discussing these diseases, just because they affect the brain, and not the stomach, or the liver, or the breast?

We discuss the prostate — a gland that surrounds the urethra, in men, and whose health is tested by rectal examination — with less prudishness than we do depression or anxiety. And so, because we are afraid, or queasy, or embarrassed … people die. In this book, I made a deliberate decision to have the characters talk about what happens to Wally. Because I believe that it needs to be talked about.

According to data, suicide is the leading underlying cause of deaths among young persons aged 15—24 31 per cent of deaths. However, a real-life taboo exists around this national tragedy in the fear that a suicide contagion will spread and glamorise the act for young people. Sixteen-year-old Therese lives in a small town on a small island.

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Therese has always had her feet on the ground. And when he does, her perfect world falls with him. The characters of the novel are deeply personal to Kate as it is based off a childhood friend who took his own life and it became a way for her to deal with his passing.

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You can pre-order your copy now here. I remember exactly where I was when the story for Out of the Cages caught my attention. I was living in Nepal. My husband worked for an international health and development organisation and our family was based in Pokhara. Nepal is a beautiful country. Beautiful in scenery and in its people. But like every country, it holds heartbreak and one of these is the experience of those who have been trafficked.

Every year thousands of people — women, men and children — are trafficked across the border.