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Emphasizing that all phenomena are ultimately illusory, he teaches that true enlightenment cannot be grasped until one has set aside attachment to them in any form. Another reason why the Buddha makes use of negation is because language reifies concepts and this can lead to attachment to those concepts, but true wisdom is seeing that nothing is fixed or stable, hence according to the Diamond sutra thoughts such as "I have obtained the state of an Arhat " or "I will bring living beings to nirvana " does not even occur in an enlightened one's mind because this would be "seizing upon a self According to David Kalupahana the goal of the Diamond sutra is "one colossal attempt to avoid the extremist use of language, that is, to eliminate any ontological commitment to concepts while at the same time retaining their pragmatic value, so as not to render them totally empty of meaning.

Kalupahana explains this final reconstruction as meaning: "that each concept, instead of either representing a unique entity or being an empty term, is a substitute for a human experience which is conditioned by a variety of factors. As such, it has pragmatic meaning and communicative power without being absolute in any way.

The Diamond Sutra - Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita Sutra

Why is that? Any such idea of a self is indeed idealess, any idea of a living being, idea of a soul, or idea of a person is indeed idealess. Because the Buddhas and Lords are free of all ideas. Throughout the teaching, the Buddha repeats that successful memorization and elucidation of even a four-line extract of it is of incalculable merit , better than giving an entire world system filled with gifts and can bring about enlightenment.

Section 26 also ends with a four-line gatha :. Are like a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a shadow, Like dew or a flash of lightning; Thus we shall perceive them. Paul Harrison's translation states: [21].

There is a wood block printed copy in the British Library which, although not the earliest example of block printing, is the earliest example which bears an actual date. The colophon , at the inner end, reads:. Reverently made for universal free distribution by Wang Jie on behalf of his two parents on the 15th of the 4th moon of the 9th year of Xiantong [11 May ].

Diamond Sutra with subtitles

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Gremmell in and D. Going back to original texts, Geshe Michael Roach restored its original title. There are many lessons to be taken from this sacred text. One is that salvation is not, contrary to what the multitude is led to believe, purchasable by good works. It is not by the giving away of worldly treasures, however inconceivably great, that matters, but by practicing and disseminating to others clear mind, compassion and grace — the buddha-dharma. The sutra ends with a four-line gatha :. Evans-Wentz and other Western interpreters, the Diamond Sutra takes its title from the power of the vajra diamond to cut things as a metaphor for the type of wisdom that cuts and shatters illusions to get to ultimate reality.

Geshe Michael would say this is a close approximation, but misses the essence.

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