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These men leave behind a legacy of success. While these Trojans will be remembered as highly accomplished athletes, they will always be revered for their character and integrity away from the gridiron. Search Button. Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube. Watch Live. As the quarterback of the defense, Smith started all four years at inside linebacker and became a fixture of reliability and maturity. Coming to USC was the best decision I have ever made. He begins his last game today with tackles, He has already completed his bachelor's degree in communication.

What makes this place so special is how Trojans care for and look out for each other.

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It's truly been the time of my life. The team captain has been described as a warrior, an inspiration and the prime example of discipline. His devotion to his brothers was unmistakable as he took the young linebackers under his wing to mentor them with the hopes that they too will become great Trojans. My only regret is not being able to play every game with my brothers. He will graduate this semester with a bachelor's degree in political science. To me, being a Trojan means to always fight on.

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It reflects the importance of pushing forward with everything you have, no matter the circumstances. You can't always control what happens, but you can control how you respond; that is essential when facing adversity.

No matter what happens, always fight on! Toa Lobendahn was USC's only offensive captain in He started in all 44 games in which he has played. Lobendahn showed his character after persevering through multiple knee surgeries throughout his career. He always fought his way back and never gave up. Some of the best times of my life were made here," said Lobendahn. The relationships I've made here have been so great. They are my brothers for life. The senior safety's on-field tenacity and leadership in the secondary made for a strong veteran player for the younger Trojans to look up to as he always walked onto the field dripping with confidence.

Being a captain has had its challenges, but I think I've handled them well. I have led these guys the best as I can.

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The relationships I've made here will last a lifetime. He also had 13 pass deflections, five interceptions, running one back for a touchdown and one fumble recovery.

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His happy disposition topped off by his million-dollar smile will bring light to anyone's day. While a delight off of the field, once Ware puts on that uniform, he's a force to be reckoned with from the Trojan backfield.

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After waiting his turn behind former Trojan and current Tampa Bay running back Ronald Jones II , was finally Ware's time to shine and he has continued to progress throughout the season. Throughout his 45 games played, Ware has recorded carries for 1, yards 5. He has caught 17 receptions for yards 7. After making history as the first high school football player to make a commitment video, Iman "Biggie" Marshall entered USC with the hopes of becoming one of the great USC cornerbacks. According to Pro Football Focus, Marshall has been one of the best cornerbacks in the nation this season in terms of allowing the fewest yards per cover snap, and one of the best cornerbacks in the Pac as he's forced an incompletion on Throughout the course of his Trojan career, Marshall has notched an impressive tackles, including nine for loss for 19 yards, 32 pass deflections and six interceptions.

His commute to campus is now short, but USC secondary stalwart Ajene Harris has come a long way since he first became a Trojan. A player who prides himself on his film study, the former prep quarterback who started as a wideout at USC can break down film in a different way thanks to his offensive background. Harris, who graduated with his degree in communication in , has tallied tackles, with eight for loss, after making the successful transition to defensive back.

He also recorded 16 pass deflections, three forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries and an impressive six interceptions, taking two back for touchdowns. Harris is now working on a second bachelor's degree in sociology with a minor in real estate. Old soul Tyler Petite was USC's veteran tight end and made himself readily available to be a role model for the younger players. Petite's selflessness was just one of his many outstanding characteristics that was clearly seen both on and off the field.

Once I'm gone, they can instill that same mentality in the new group that comes in and keep the culture going. You never want to see a young guy lose their way because an older guy wasn't there to help coach him up or give him advice. He will graduate this semester with a bachelor's degree in communication. USC's very own music man, offensive lineman Chris Brown , will appear tonight in his 53 rd game for the Trojans with his 29 th start.

He continues to dream big as he one day aspires to headline the Stagecoach Music Festival as a country blues artist.

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Brown will graduate this semester with his bachelor's degree in real estate development. Soft-spoken defensive lineman Malik Dorton made his presence known on the line throughout his career. The senior has competed in 38 games with 60 tackles, 6.

He also tallied nine pass deflections and one forced fumble. Dorton received his bachelor's degree in communication in the summer of , and will earn his master's degree in communication management at the end of the semester.

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Cornerback Isaiah Langley was a force to be reckoned with in the Trojan secondary. After playing in 48 games — including 12 starts, eight this season — Langley has recorded tackles, one interception and 12 pass deflections. Throughout his career, offensive lineman Chuma Edoga continued to be a staunch figure in the trenches. He appeared in 43 games for the Trojans, and his veteran presence will be significantly missed next year. He has been one of the most highly rated offensive tackles in the Pac this year, according to Pro Football Focus.

Offensive lineman Jordan Austin's love for football is matched with his love for people. If you start with a story, funny video, DIY, gift, etc. Find a way so subtly mention your business or products and fit a link in if your Trojan Horse is delivered online. But you have to sail across the sea, get it on your own boat and then into your city. The Trojan Horse is the middle man…or middle horse. You can. But people are less likely to pay attention to a marketing message when it feels like a marketing message.

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